Questionwhen did you know you loved bo? Answer

Ever since that dinner date. I knew there was something special about her. Something important.


QuestionIs bo pregnant,curly? If not when is she going to be? (By you of corce) and when are you going to put a ring on it. Answer

Haha, I’m waiting for it to be special

Questionhave you ever cut your self or any self harm. its ok if you don't want to talk about it. ps: i love you!!! and bo (no lez) Answer

No actually I don’t haha (:


QuestionAhhh! Crazy haha Answer

haha yeah

Questionhi Harold!!!!!!!!!!! do you know that you are soooooooooooooo phucking sexy?!? so,how's life? Answer

Aha. Thanks, and it’s going great


QuestionARE YOU ALIVE Answer


ad-lvcem Asked
QuestionI'm so obsessed with Dark. I even made my own trailer for it and it would mean so much if you took a little look at it! :) Answer

Alright love! Xx

QuestionMind following back ? ;) Answer

I did (:

QuestionOmg what did you do? Answer

I got bad grades :o so, how was life while I was gone? Haha

QuestionYou're alive? haha Answer

Hahah yes :p my parents grounded me until summer so yeah xx